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Bilderberg Group as Reported by Russian Television



Here's a 5.45 min video taken from a live RT (Russian Television) transmission on Sat 11th June/11, between the interviewer in Moscow and a Freelance Reporter in Bristol, who openly (and correctly!)  "sheds some light" on the Bilderbergers, who apparently recently met in Switzerland - but it was not reported in the media!


These people, men and women, control the world and the reporter rightly says "as they are so very important and plan the lives of everybody on the planet, (which we know is true) then why are their meetings and discussions NOT reported?"


It is well known that the Bilderbergers plan all future wars, organise famines, population control, who will be leaders and who will not, how the global economy is to be divided and between which nations, etc. - things of this magnitude - yet they never report it...we have to wait for it to happen and develop.


As the reporter mentions, it was only pure chance that newspaper man managed to attend a meeting in 2002 that revealed the scale of their awesome plans and future global planning!


If this doesn't worry you - nothing will!