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Bognor Announces YBNP Recruitment Success



Cllr John Robinson opened the meeting with a reiteration of the branches commitment to a campaign of youth recruitment.

He went on to say the campaign was showing a great deal of success and beginning to bear fruit.

Two new young members have joined the YBNP and and teamed up with the Bognor branch to hand out ‘against grooming' leaflets.

As part of their effort further area youth are showing an interest in the message of hope from the British National Party.

Long term activist and former parliamentary candidate Tim Rait then gave a talk comparing Japan and Britain.

He stressed the many of their similarities and differences.

Japan like Britain is an island.

However Japan is a nationalist country.

It has very few immigrants and almost religiously protects its identity and limited resources.

Britain on the other hand has sold off all that our ancestors held dear and fought to preserve.

While Britain sends billions overseas in foreign aid, it has allowed rampant immigration (legal and illegal) to destroy the society our fathers fought to maintain.

He ended his talk with the simple question “If Japan can do it, why can't we?”

Cllr John Robinson.

South East Regional Organiser