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Bognor BBQ Success



The first of this year’s social events organised by Cllr John Robinson for the Littlehampton and Bognor branch was an outstanding success. The BBQ was very well attended and a good day was had by all.

The venue was very rightly picked and is a blueprint of what a local English inn should be. The Owners of this Inn specialize in local English produce. You will NOT find tika or rogan dishes on the menu. What you will find are the likes of an exceptional rabbit pie and Sussex Pond Pudding along with Mead as your tipple. These along with other traditional dishes are the most often on the menu. What more could an Englishman want on a day out?

As staunch Nationalists, the owners of this proud and traditional establishment deserve every credit for putting on a fine spread.

Adding to the day’s fun and feasting were awards. An award went to Shelia, who has been leafleting the Bognor area since being receiving one of our asylum seeker heating scandal leaflets, has handed out over 2000 leaflets to date. Also recognised were Neil & Heather for there unwavering support of the British National Party and Cllr Robinson over the last few years.

It was a grand day and I hope will soon be repeated.

Future events are forthcoming, and all enquiries, should be made to Cllr John Robinson.

Martin Jones
Worthing and Brighton Organiser