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Ever Ready at it in Eastbourne



The Tunbridge Wells Contact and a colleague seized the moment for a little impromptu leafleting during a visit to Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Their leafleting in Eastbourne was short but sweet; mainly due to the rain and they just leafleted the town centre and not individual streets.


Even though the streets were empty the "Leafleting went well today, with our message of the negative impacts the EU are having on our seals getting a good reaction from the public as we put out a few hundred leaflets in the town centre of Eastbourne.”

"We plan on returning in the near future and look forward to bringing our message to Eastbourne more and more."

"We aim to give people a real choice; honest politics from ordinary people who talk about the problems that really matter to the people of Eastbourne."


"We will be visiting more and more towns in the South East in future to show them we are ready to listen to the REAL concerns of people."

"Concerns that are mostly dismissed by mainstream politicians."


Tunbridge Wells Contact

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