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Islamification not Racism Must Now be the Watchword


'Islamification' not 'Racism'must now be the watchword

In our movement we have been ‘labelled’ or ‘branded’ by the judicious use of just one word for too long. But it is not just nationalists who have been at the sharp end of this branding exercise. Anyone speaking openly and candidly in public about the changing face of Britain today does so in fear of imprisonment and receiving a criminal record, blighting their employment prospects. The sinister world that George Orwell imagined in ‘Nineteen eighty four’ now appears to be dawning. The liberal ideologies of multiculturism and political correctness, imported from America, have been imposed upon us by our political elite, stifling free speech.


I would argue that we are not ‘racists’ so much as ‘whistleblowers’. It is not racist to highlight demographic change and its inevitable consequences. I contend that the real racists or extremists are the politicians whose actions in government collectively determine the gradual destruction of a people and their culture, values, liberties, religion and way of life. This is the real consequence of open-border mass immigration, perpetrated against the indigenous population by those that they elect. The legitimacy this affords the politicians provides them with defence for their actions. But how much democratic legitimacy really is there for continued mass immigration? I believe that it is now wearing thin. With a two or three party political establishment largely financed by big business backers and enjoying unfettered access to media channels come election-time, the issue of immigration has been consistently sidelined or ignored - at least up until recently. No politician has ever tabled a motion in the House of Commons on this all-important topic - or certainly not in living memory. Yet last year Sir Andrew Green of MigrationWatch launched an e-petition called ‘No to 70 million’ which received well in excess of the threshold number of signatures necessary to trigger a debate in Parliament. This perfectly illustrates the real democratic deficit in Britain today. The British National Party seeks to redress this democratic deficit by giving voice to the silent majority. But accomplishing this is no easy matter as the mainstream media continue to deny us a level playing field.

However, there is one issue in particular that rightly concerns the majority population which, out of political correctness, no party other than our own can address - let alone provide an answer to. This issue, of course, is the growth of Islam in Britain - especially radical Islam and its accompanying terrorist threat. This is very much a problem of our political establishment’s own making and the liberal ideology it pursues. No longer does the Conservative Party serve as a bulwark against this ideology. It is now only our party that provides the ideological opposition to the liberal establishment and the common sense politics this country so desperately needs.

The dangers of the growth of Islam or ‘Islamification’ across not just Britain but Western Europe as a whole are now just starting to become understood. As the public become better informed our politicians will gradually realise that they will have to respond. But how will they do so when so many have made a professional career out of appeasing the Muslims and many more are now dependent on the Muslim block vote in their constituencies? In light of this the outlook does seem bleak which is why I believe that a radically different party like ours has great promise. People across the country must come to realise that the predicament we find ourselves in - including our economic one - has not come about by accident, but by our politicians putting the interests of themselves and their parties ahead of the interests of ordinary Britons and the future of our nation. I believe that the immediate years ahead will be a time of real opportunity for our party.

We will need to raise our people’s awareness of the threat that Islamification presents whilst being mindful that our detractors will no doubt allege we lack the Christian virtue of tolerance. We can counter that by pointing out that the religion of Islam does not share this sense of tolerance. Indeed, the very translation of ‘Islam’ is ‘Submission to the will of Allah’. From an early age, Muslims are taught to regard non-Muslims as ‘kuffar’ or ‘inferior’, though they would never say so in public. Dr Taj Hargey, chairman of the Muslim Education Centre in Oxford says: “We see it from the time you’re a child, you’re given this idea that those people they are kuffar, they’re unbelievers. They are not equal to you, they are different to you. You are superior to them because you have the truth, they don’t have the truth. You will go to heaven, they will go to hell. So we have this from a very young age.”

Clearly, Islam is a religion like no other. There can be no doubt that it is based on fear and repression and merely masquerades as a religion of peace. The Koran explicitly states that it is the duty of every Muslim to convert ‘infidels’ - or ‘unbelievers’ - by the use of the sword if necessary. Today, Muslims who have converted to Christianity are being killed as are young women who wish to marry outside Islam. In the latter case, these ‘honour killings’ are - shocking as it seems to us - usually perpetrated by close family members. In Muslim societies strict dress codes must be observed and women are relegated to second-class status being the property of first, their fathers and second, their husbands. These cultural norms are alien and obnoxious to us in the West. Furthermore, Christianity and Islam cannot co-exist. Ralph Ellis wrote in Identity magazine: ‘The whole basis of the Muslim faith is that this world is simply an unimportant diversion from our ‘real’ life, which is the life in the hereafter (with or without the seventy virgins). This may be a great philosophy for an army to promote, where commanders in the field want their foot-soldiers to disregard their lives and head into the thick of battle, but it is hopeless for a manufacturing economy because there is no incentive to work. In addition, everything in this world is ‘inshallah’ or ‘God’s will’, so your individual effort is meaningless - it does not matter how hard you try to improve yourself, because the end result is always God’s will.’ Perhaps it is no coincidence, therefore, that a higher proportion of British Muslims leech on our welfare state than any other immigrant group.  

The manifestations of Islam we see ever increasingly in urban Britain today: mosques - or even mega-mosques; women concealing their identities behind veils, niqabs or burqas; men adorned in long tunics and sporting long beards; shops advertising Halal meats and so on. Significantly, Mohammed - and its myriad of alternative spellings - is now the most popular name for a newborn male. Our country is slowly but inexorably transforming into a foreign land. The evidence is plainly apparent in a multiplicity of London boroughs - most notably Tower Hamlets and Newham - and in towns and cities such as Slough, Luton, Leicester, Birmingham, Bradford, Rochdale and Oldham. The expansion of Islam in Britain is being driven by a combination of two demographic factors: immigration and high birth rates. The sheer scale of this expansion can only be described as a colonisation - with profound consequences for our future generations. The Telegraph writes: ‘Muslims have migrated to Britain in enormous numbers over the past 40 years; one of the heaviest waves of immigration was encouraged by the last government. The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life estimates that there are 2,869,000 Muslims in Britain, an increase of 74 per cent on its previous figure of 1,647,000, which was based on the 2001 census. No demographic statistics are reliable in an era of open borders, but such an expansion is unprecedented.’ As this was published over eighteen months ago, it can safely be assumed that the number of Muslims in Britain has now exceeded the three million mark. How big is three million? The answer, in short, is three Birminghams. To put this in context, Birmingham is Britain’s second largest city with a population of just over one million. Birmingham is also of significance on account of its own demographic inertia. According to Professor Dorling of Sheffield University who has conducted a new study: ‘While much of Leicester’s growth in ethnic minorities will be driven by African growth, Birmingham’s population shift will be dominated by those of Pakistani descent.’ It is a disturbing thought, but in the years ahead Britain’s second city will likely become a Muslim controlled metropolis.

Am I alone in believing that this is not what our majority population want? Unfortunately, ambivalence and apathy are as characteristic of our people today as materialism and strident individualism. So how long will it take before the penny drops? Before people ‘wake up and smell the coffee’? Our purpose as a party on the very cutting edge of politics is therefore clear. The establishment’s obsession with racism, now sadly consolidated into pernicious laws, must be countered by a transparent perspective of the ominous danger that Islamification presents.

Thank you.

Chris Jones, Woking & Guildford, 15 July 2012