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Why are Western Governments committed to the rise of Islamic Fundamentalist States?


William Hague Compares Syria to Bosnia in the 1990s

So reads one of the headlines in The Telegraph. Don’t you just love the way our politicians and leaders conveniently air brush history to suit their agenda.

When asked about Western intervention in Syria by Dermot Murnaghan of Sky News he replied "I think we don't know how things are going to develop. Syria is, . . . . on the edge of a collapse or of a sectarian civil war so I don't think we can rule anything out.”

“But it is not so much like Libya last year, where of course we had a successful intervention to save lives.”

"It is looking more like Bosnia in the 1990s, being on the edge of a sectarian conflict in which neighbouring villages are attacking and killing each other so I don't think we can rule anything out.”

Just about the only thing these Syria and Bosnia have in common is Islamic fundamentalists and Islamic extremists. All of which he and the media conveniently ignore. Bosnia suffered generations of abuse by the Muslim majority. It was the Bosnian Muslim leaders during World War II who formed two Bosnian Muslim divisions for Hitler’s SS. It was the Bosnian Muslims who persecuted the Bosnian Serbs. It was the Bosnian Muslims who reopened the wounds 50 years later with the first atrocities. It was the was the Bosnian Serbs who after generations of oppression fought back with a vengeance. It was not only the West who supported the Bosnian Muslims, it was Al-Qaeda and the Mujahedeen as well. So one has to say that the West supported Al-Qaeda at least until September the 11th of 2001.

In the little publicized 2006 trial of the only, as far my research could find, Bosnian Muslims convicted of war crimes during the Bosnian conflict the court acknowledged the role of Alqaeda and the Mujahedeen. The court convicted Hadzihasanovic and Kubura for committing war crimes against Bosnian Serb and Bosnian Croat civilians of their “failing to take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent or punish several crimes that forces under their command committed in central Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993 and the beginning of 1994.”

Carl Savich writing for Serbianna writes

What is remarkable about this case is that it is the first case to address the issue of mujahedeen or “holy warriors”, armed foreign Muslim volunteers or combatants, who had been recruited by al Qaeda to participate in a violent jihad or Islamic holy war in Bosnia. The Court noted that the “foreign” Mujahedeen was able to create a “domestic” or “local” Mujahedeen, proving that Bosnian Muslims themselves were engaged in a Jihad in Bosnia.

Writes the Court: “The foreign Mujahedin actively recruited young local men, offering them military training, uniforms, and weapons. As a result, local people joined the foreign Mujahedin and in the process became local Mujahedin. They imitated the foreigners in both the way they dressed and behaved, to such an extent that it was sometimes difficult to distinguish between the two groups. For that reason, in the Judgement, the Trial Chamber shall use the term 'Mujahedin' to designate foreigners from Arab countries, but also local Muslims who joined the Mujahedin units.”

Well little Billy Hague will get his wake up call one day. The only way the Muslim Fundamentalist and Extremist has ever repaid the West for its support is by attacking us. There is no comparison between Syria and Bosnia. Syria was a secular Muslim state, soon with the help of the Western governments and media it will be a fundamentalist Muslim state. Little Billy Hague along with the Americans and Europeans will wake up to the fact that championing Muslim Fundamentalist. Ever since Jimmy Carter abandoned the Shan of Iran in favour of the Ayatollah Khomeini we in the West have supported further Fundamentalist Muslim expansionism all in the name of ‘Human Rights’.

Yet again, the West is abandoning another Eastern government to Islamic Fundamentalists. Why? Is it simply because for so many years following our cowardice in Iran the Eastern governments that have fallen and those yet to fall turned to the Soviet Union for succour they could rely upon. These same countries following the collapse of the Soviet Union maintained close ties to the rising Russian Federation and have been seeking support from China. The European empires are gone. The American empire never existed except in the mind of the third world and Communists.

Is King Abdullah of Jordan next on the Western hit list? After all, outside the oil rich Arabian Peninsula he will soon be the last secular monarch in the Middle-East. How is Israel taking to the fact that they will soon be surrounded by Muslim Fundamentalists committed to wiping them off the face of the earth?.

So somebody please tell me how Syria is like Bosnia, who taught little Billy Hague his history, and why are the West governments committed to the rise of Islamic Fundamentalist States?